Off duty deputy accused of punching motorist during road rage

Off duty deputy accused of punching motorist during road rage

By Mike Mason. CREATED Feb 6, 2012

CAPE CORAL - A Southwest Florida driver claims he was on the receiving end of a Sheriff's deputy's road rage and his fist!  Four in your Corner's Mike Mason live with the story you'll see only on Fox Four. Tonight a Lee County deputy is being investigated by the Cape Coral police department. He faces battery charges after being accused of punching a man during a heated traffic dispute.

22 year old Eddron Thompson says he was attacked by someone who's paid to protect the public.
Eddron Thompson :"He shouldn't be an officer and so-called protecting society and he's punching people in the face."

Thompson claims he was hit by off duty Lee County Sheriff's deputy, Andrew Sargis. It happened last Tuesday night at the intersection of Del Prado Boulevard and Hancock Bridge Parkway in Cape Coral.

Thompson says he was driving down Del Prado and he was in the turning lane so he could turn on to Hancock Bridge Parkway. He said he wedged his car in front of off duty deputy Sargis and Sargis apparently didn't like that so he got out of his car and approached Thompson.

Thompson : "When he got out he told me to back up now and I replied, "No" and he got upset and he told me once again and I told him “No” again. By that time the light turned green. He reached in and jabbed me in my eye and called me a scary punk.
Mike Mason: "He didn't slap you?”
Thompson: "No he punched me."

Thompson says he then called 9-1-1 and followed Sargis, trying to get his license plate number so he could report him. A Cape Coral police officer heard tires screeching as Thompson chased Sargis through the Walgreen's parking lot.

The cape officer caught up with both drivers. According to the police report, Thompson told the officer, "That guy just punched me in the face."

But Sargis told the officer, "No, I did not punch that guy, I have children in my car.”

After the incident, Thompson was transported to Cape Coral Hospital. He says he took a photo showing how swollen his face was.

Thompson: "I'm still getting headaches you know my eye is still hurting, I want to see something done to this guy. If it can happen to me it can happen to anyone else."

The Lee County Sheriff's Office will also investigate this incident when the Cape Coral police finish their investigation. We'll let you know how it turns out.