Catholics Church against Obama contraception mandate

Catholics Church against Obama contraception mandate

By Andre Senior. CREATED Feb 1, 2012

NAPLES - The catholic church taking on Pres. Barrack Obama and the health care law he pushed through.

They say what he is forcing them to do goes against everything they believe in.

According to the health care law, nearly all employers, including religious institutions such as the Catholic church to provide their employees access to health insurance that covers artificial contraception, sterilization services and the "morning after" birth control pill.

"The teaching of the church does not accept abortion inducing drugs.. sterilation contraception," said Billy Atwell, Dir. Of Communications for the Diocese of Venice, which oversees Southwest Florida.

The Catholic church questions why the government infringes on the separation of church and state.

The news comes at a time where studies show that more than 50 percent of Catholics use birth control anyway.

In a study by the non-profit organization, Guttmacher, some 68% of catholic women use  birth control.

Some Naples residents say despite the numbers, the problem is clear, the government should not interfere with the beliefs of a religious institution.

"If i had a granddaughter i don't think that that should be something the federal government is in control of we've got other things do to."

Planned Parenthood also objects to the federal government dictating what happens in a religious institution, the agree with the provision that will increase the use of contraception.

"We believe that everyone should have access to reproductive and sexual health and that includes the provision of birth control."

Southwest Florida Bishop Frank Dewane will draft a letter this week to urge Catholics to fight this provision by contacting their local lawmakers. but right now..

The White House is standing behind the law.