Former Estero cheerleading coach will not sue school district

Former Estero cheerleading coach will not sue school district

By Julie Salomone. CREATED Jan 20, 2012

NAPLES- A new twist tonight in the story of the Hooters waitress fired from her job as a high school cheerleading coach.

Nicole Zivich continues to wear the Hooters uniform, proudly. She suspects her position there cost her a job coaching cheerleading at Estero High School.

"They fired me. They let me go. They told me we were no longer going to coach in the cheerleading program in Estero," said Zivich.

We discovered dozens of emails from one parent demanding the district fire Zivich. We even found evidence that one board member email the superintendent and lobbied for her removal.

Board members are not supposed to get involved with personnel matters. Zivich threatened to sue the district and file ethics against that board member, Jeanie Dozier. Tonight, Zivich says she's dropping that plan.

"Suing the district isn't going to get my job back. It's going to lead me to never have a coaching job again. I know if I was on the school board or hiring people I wouldn't hired somebody that sued somebody."

Zivich now deciding it's better to forget the past and look forward to her future.

"Obviously god had a plan for me and this is how he wanted things to go just let it play out until another opportunity comes along."

Zivich says she hopes to coach again someday. She hopes to apply for jobs in the Spring.

Julie Salomone
Fox 4