Day 2 of school bus investigation shows more home visits

Day 2 of school bus investigation shows more home visits

By John Rupolo. CREATED Jan 18, 2012

LEE COUNTY - 9:30 Wednesday morning, a Lee County school bus once again pulls up in front of a bus attendant's Cape Coral home.  A few minutes later, it leaves.

Just a day earlier, the same neighbor taking a similiar video showing the bus attendant walking into her home while the bus remains running and the driver waits.  Neighbors tell us this same thing has been happening for weeks.  The district now confirming that bus attendant is Pamela Ferguson.  One neighbor who doesn't want to reveal her identity is outraged saying it's a waste of taxpayer dollars and she's shocked the district hasn't taken action.

"You would think if she got questioned about it, why would she do it again, it's outrageous," said the neighbor.

We once again tried to get Ferguson's side of the story but she wasnt talking or answering the door.  We put a call in to the Transportation director for the County to see if the driver and Ferguson are breaking any policies and he said he had no comment.

We have also been in contact with the School District trying to get answers.  They released an email late Tuesday saying "The incident remains under investigation."

Meanwhile, we uncovered school district policy which says unassigned stops are not permitted without a supervisor's permission so we once again asked the transportation union president if he feels Ferguson is in violation of that policy.

"We have not gotten anything official from the District,' said Bob Rushlow, Transportation Union President for the County.