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Lee County school bus driver concerns

Lee County school bus driver concerns

By John Rupolo. CREATED Jan 17, 2012 - UPDATED: Jan 17, 2012

LEE COUNTY - A neighbor recording a video showing a Lee County School bus parked outside a school district employee's home Tuesday morning.  Neighbors say she is a bus attendant, in the video she makes her way to her front door.  The neighbor who recorded the  video is concerned.

"The bus drivers are always using buses for personal use,' said the neighbor.

She says this same thing has been happening for weeks, sometimes twice a day.

"She cleans up after her dogs, she'll take them outside and I don't know what she does in the house,' said the neighbor.

Neighbors also tell us the school district employee eventually gets back on the bus about 20 minutes later.

So, we took what we found to the school district and we received an email saying, " Staff has begun investigating the situation and will not comment further until our investigation is over,"

We then reached out to the transportation union president to ask him if he believes this was appropriate behaivor for school district employees.

"I have seen bus drivers terminated for things of this nature.  i have seen bus operators given time off without pay," said Bob Rushlow, Transportation union president.

But we uncovered this policy for transportation employees which clearly states it is a violation to park a county bus in an unassigned area without permission. But  taking it a step further, can a school district employee make a personal stop at home?

"The contract doesn't specify that, the contract doesn't specify that although we basically say it's bad business to go to your home.