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Viewers share stories on Oxycodone RX fill problems

Viewers share stories on Oxycodone RX fill problems

By Cory O'Donnell. CREATED Jan 17, 2012

FORT MYERS - The feds and the state are putting a stranglehold on the supply of Oxycodone.

“They're cracking down, they're taking pharmacy licenses away, they're taking doctors and pharmacists to jail.”

One Fort Myers prescription shop was the only one willing to talk about it.  But you have plenty of stories:

Michelle Stransky writing on our Facebook page: “My son had a liver transplant recently, and we were given a script for them. And it did take me a day to get Walgreen's to fill them.”

Beth Sample also posting about her brother who had to suffer after being burned because no one would fill his prescription, she adds: "I understand why they have the laws, but not every person is an addict. I think if the doctor knows their patient, it can be controlled."

That's what a Fort Myers doctor tells us:  “Physicians need to be boldly cognizant of making sure the right patient gets the right med at the right time.”

But still some of you worry.  Kurt Hoenig posted: "I don't understand why, if your doctor prescribes it, the pharmacy doesn't fill it? If you truly need them, then who can make the call?”