Naples pastor talks about Tim Tebow's effect

Naples pastor talks about Tim Tebow's effect

By Julie Salomone. CREATED Jan 13, 2012

NAPLES - A new ESPN poll lists Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow as the most popular athlete in sports today. From Saturday Night Live skits to Sunday Sermons, Tebow
is a hot topic.

So what do religious leaders have to say about Tebow's high profile Christian beliefs?

He's probably one of the most recognizable and maybe controversial players in the NFL today.
Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow is getting people talking.

The 24-year-old Christian isn't shy about his love for God. Kirt Anderson, a pastor at Naples Community Church, calls it "refreshing."

"He doesn't glory in the fact that he's a very gifted athlete. He gives thanks he's a very gifted athlete, big difference," said Pastor Anderson.

The Broncos Quarterback is even known to  kneel in prayer while on the field. Its act is now coined as tebowing. There's even a website dedicated to it. So what do religious leaders think about this very public display of Christianity?

"Jesus warned us about displaying our piety publicly. That is to be a very personal thing between ourself and God," said Pastor Anderson.

Overall, he sees Tebow as a positive influence especially to our youth.

"He's somebody who is working hard, accomplishing much and handing credit off to somebody else."

Some churches have even used Tebow as the topic of serious sermons hoping to teach a lesson about faith.

Julie Salomone
Fox 4