Edison board member "angry" Walker still being paid

Edison board member "angry" Walker still being paid

By Matt Grant. CREATED Jan 6, 2012

FORT MYERS - As Pamella Seay and her fellow trustees look into hiring someone to replace embattled president Dr. Ken Walker, she's aware the community doesn't want his successor to have a similar salary.

"No, absolutely not," said Seay. "Where in the world did it happen that we were paying a president this much?"

Some estimates put Walker's salary and benefits package around $700,000. Even now, he is getting more than $17,000 every two weeks to stay home on leave.

"What do you say to taxpayers that are upset?," asked Fox 4 reporter Matt Grant. 

"I'm a taxpayer too," said Seay. "And it makes me angry. And if the law let us stop the payments I would do it today."


But she can't because Walker had a contract turning his departure into a costly legal battle. And Walker's position isn't the only administrator opening:

  • Vice President of Operations Dr. Steve Atkins was fired in October.
  • Hendry Glades Dean Bill Roshon retired in October.
  • Associate Dean Denette Foy resigned in November.
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs Bob Beeson was fired in November.
  • Associate Dean of First Year Experience Kevin Shriner resigned in December.

Seay says the string of departures may actually be a move in the right direction.

"Maybe we don't need to fill those positions right now," said Seay. "We need to know are these positions necessary? If we're getting by without them maybe they're not."

Some faculty disagree and say the positions are necessary especially as the college fights to keep its accreditation.

Matt Grant