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Fox 4 gets results for Naples man with RV troubles

Fox 4 gets results for Naples man with RV troubles

By Julie Salomone. CREATED Dec 16, 2011

NAPLES - The FOX 4 troubleshooter gets results for a Naples man who couldn't get his deposit back on an RV rental.

Earlier this week we told you about Michael Sponara's fizzled family getaway.  He paid a $500 dollar damage deposit on an R-V he planned to rent over the holidays from Nick Davis' great adventure R-V center. But when Michael's plans fell through, he couldn't get the R-V center to refund his money. 

After two weeks of getting the run-around, Michael called fox 4 troubleshooter Julie Salomone. 

Julie got the owner on the phone, who promised to credit Michael's account.  Tonight, Michael called us to say he finally has his money.

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NAPLES-A fizzled family getaway is costing on Naples man more than rest and relaxation. He says he's out $500 because a business won't give him back his deposit.

Four In Your Corner's Julie Salomone is trying to get him some answers.

Michael Sponara searched online looking for a vacay.
"I thought it would be a nice family vacation to rent a travel trailer and go camping for New Year's weekend. The plans fell through and we can't go."

Michael had already booked an RV over the phone after he found one on the Nick Davis' Great Adventure RV Center website. Michael shelled out $500 dollars.

"The $500 according to his rental contract is a damage deposit for the RV. It's not to secure the rental. It's incase one damage his RV. I never even took possession of his RV, therefore I can't damage it."

Michael says he no longer needs the RV, but now he's having trouble getting his money back.

"It's been 2 weeks now. I still have not seen my money. I've called repeatedly. My wife has called repeatedly."

So I stepped in and gave the owner a call. He tells me by phone he has already credited Michael's accound and depending on hi sbank it could take several business days.

"What would you like to see done here?"
"I would just like my $500 deposit and maybe an apology for having to go through all this runaround to get what's rightfully mine."

Last I checked with Michael that money has not been credited to his account just yet. He will keep me posted.

Julie Salomone
Fox 4