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Cheerleading coach firing gains international attention

Cheerleading coach firing gains international attention

By Andre Senior. CREATED Dec 9, 2011

NAPLES - The former cheerleading coach who was fired from an area high school reportedly because of her job at Hooters has gone global.

In addition to all the attention Nicole Zivich is getting, she is also receiving a lot of support from people who believe she was wronged for being fired as a high school cheerleading coach from Estero High School. "I think it's amazing. I never really thought that it was going to get this big so fast."

The story going national on the news program Inside Edition and international... the full story published in the British newspaper, The Daily Mail. "I think it's amazing I think that these people know right from wrong and they're listening and they care."

A Naples resident contacted Zivich last night and told her he set up a website with a petition for those who would like to see her get her job back."I sent it to a few of my girls and overnight there's like three hundred and something signatures already." There is also a Facebook page that is loaded with messages of support.

Even with all of the positive feedback, some people wonder is Zivich really what's her job back or is she pursing the fight for publicity. " I'm not doing this for publicity. I have not reached out to Inside Edition or to Fox. I've been contacted by everybody because they know also that this is wrong."

Zivich says she jobs wants her job back and that she will keep up the fight along with some of her former students who quit in protest. "They're not backing down, they're not cheering until I'm back there so how am I supposed to back down."