AT&T gives soldier serving overseas $8,000 phone bill

AT&T gives soldier serving overseas $8,000 phone bill

By John Rupolo. CREATED Dec 7, 2011

FORT MYERS - Gail Harris is confused about the massive cell phone bills from AT&T.  Her 20 year old son Adam has been serving in Afghanistan since September but before he left they both signed up for an international plan so they could keep in touch.

"He was under the assumption that it would be about 500 dollars a month for that and that was ok," said Harris.

But the first monthly bill was for more than 3800k and it came right out of her son's bank account through a direct pay program.  When the second bill came for 4500 dollars and there was no money left in his account, that's when the red flags went up.

"I cant tell from the bill if there was a problem or maybe the phone was stuck.  He couldn't have had that many calls," said Harris.

So, she requested a detailed bill from AT&T and they sent her thousands of pages of documents so Gail began calling AT&T and they eventually took one thousand dollars off the balance but it wasn't enough and now her and her son's cell phone service has been canceled.

We put a call into AT&T and they told us they are looking into the matter but for now Gail and her son Adam are communicating over the computer.

"So we are going to be able to communicate when we can," said Harris.