Major shake-ups at Edison State College

Major shake-ups at Edison State College

By Cory O'Donnell. CREATED Nov 29, 2011

FORT MYERS - Two major shake-ups at Edison State College tonight, the president is on leave, while another top administrator is given a pink slip.

Reading from a prepared statement, Edison President Ken Walker offered to leave the scandal plagued college before his contract expires.

“I'm willing to advance the date of my retirement,” Walker said.

But Walker’s critics, including some students told the board of trustees walker should not be allowed to leave on his own terms with a golden parachute.

“I beg you to fire him with cause don't let him take more or our money,” Willie Filkowski said.

Several faculty members have claimed Walker's once business-like management style had descended into threats, intimidation, retaliation and firings.

“The culture of fear is so deep I'm shaking.” Cheryl Turton said.

At least one board member acknowledged Walker could have ended the crisis before now.

“I asked him to resign…he was unwilling.” Chris Vernon said.

Board members warned the scandals are now threatening the college's future accreditation, and Edison could be in jeopardy.

“Right now what we need is a change and an immediate resignation would do that.”