Cape Lights Display

Cape Lights Display

By Emily Dishnow. CREATED Nov 27, 2011

CAPE CORAL--Neil Monkman has his Christmas lights display down to a science

“It takes a lot of imagination, a lot of creation...and a lot of time,” he says.

Every year, he begins the process the first week of October. Along with his wife and a couple of friendly neighbors...125-thousand lights transform his home... and let's just say, it attracts a lot of attention

“On an average night, other than the week of Christmas, we get about 175 cars a night,” says Neil.

Neil says Christmas Eve night, they average anywhere from 800-1000 passer's by. Many people stop to watch the synchronization of the lights with his music...a process that he says has saved his electric bill

“It goes up a little, but nowhere near what it used too because everything's simply not on at once,” Neil says.

But while it may not be going to his electric bill...there are still other costs. Like hundreds of thousands of lights, a second electrical panel, 18 controllers with 288 channels and 5 miles of extension cords. Neil says, they've invested a lot of money in this

“I mean probably ten, fifteen thousand dollars,” he admits, shaking his head.

This year the Monkmans have dedicated their display to private first class Cory Kent

“We were very touched by his sacrifices that he made over there,” says Neil.

An enormous effort every year, that he says, is all in the name of a little Christmas cheer.

The Monkman’s will have the lights on and music going every night until Christmas. If you’d like to drive by, their address is 908 SW 4th Ave., in Cape Coral.

Donations are accepted, in a box at the end of the driveway…All donations go to providing gifts for needy children.