Stealing electricity and getting away with it?

Stealing electricity and getting away with it?

By Colleen Hogan. CREATED Nov 23, 2011

CAPE CORAL - Stealing electricity and getting away with it?

That's what a Cape Coral mom says is happening with one of her neighbors at her apartment complex and she wants to know what can be done about it.

Four In Your Corner's Colleen Hogan is getting her some answers and some action.

Most of us pay our power bill every month whether we like it or not, to keep the lights on and our homes humming.  So why does it appear one renter is getting his power at the expense of others?

Everything looks normal out back with the meters now behind the woman's apartment complex off Del Prado but she says just a few days ago that wasn't the case. She says it was obvious that someone in the complex was stealing electricity. The woman talked to FOX 4 on camera but declined to give her name.

"I noticed that my neighbor was stealing electric," she said. "I noticed it last Tuesday."

The discovery of extension cords and wires plugged into the meters, has the mom, pretty charged up. She's worried for her family's safety.

"Sunday night, I noticed electrical sparks coming out of the box where the neighbor was stealing it," she said.

She says she had to call the Cape Coral Police Department and LCEC earlier this week, when the rigged meter became dangerous.

"I called when I saw the extension cords out his window and I was told somebody would come out right away and nothing ever happened," she said.

"What would you like to see happen in your situation?" I asked.

"I would like to see LCEC take some initiative and do something about it," she said.

I reached out to both the Cape Coral Police Department and LCEC by email Wednesday afternoon to see what's going on.

A police spokesperson confirmed officers responded to the address of the alleged theft but didn't write any tickets, saying it wasn't applicable in the instance.

An LCEC spokesperson says they've referred the alleged theft to the proper department and they will investigate.

The woman mom is hoping they're good for their word.

"I think it's ridiculous that other people are being accused of doing something when they're really not and a person that is doing something nothing happens to him," she said.

The LCEC spokesperson says they've received several tips recently about people stealing elecrticity and they're investigating each one. You can call LCEC if you have a similar issue and report it. You don't have to give your name.