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Bad buzz in Naples neighborhood

Bad buzz in Naples neighborhood

By Andre Senior. CREATED Nov 11, 2011

NAPLES – A Naples Park resident is upset that his neighbor has a bee farm growing behind his home.

"I thought it was dangerous. I thought it was crazy. I thought it was ridiculous,” said Steven Weisman, who noticed the hive a few days ago. “The issue began when I noticed that my dogs were crying to get into the house which is abnormal for them to do."

Weisman called Collier County Code Enforcement twice to report the bee farm. He has not heard back from them yet. “Bottom line: they should come down here, they should give this guy a fine for doing this to begin with no excuses, and no reprieve and this thing should have been gone.”

Fox 4 went to get the other side of the story from the neighbor. He told us the bee farm is a hobby and that the honeybees will not be a problem unless they are disturbed. “I looked into raising bees for honey and just for pollination and I found no restrictions against it so I got a small bee hive,” said John Yount.

We asked him if he thought the bee farm was safe in a residential neighborhood where there are people walking around and kids playing. “If you have little kids in the area, I might have some concern about that but unless you disturb the hive they're really very peaceful.”

He said if he was convinced that the bees were dangerous, he would have the farm removed from his backyard.

In fact, he told 4 In Your Corner that if anyone should be concerned about the bee hive it should be him saying “I found out I have an allergy to bee stings.”