Voter impact on Cape coral City Manager's job

Voter impact on Cape coral City Manager's job

By John Rupolo. CREATED Nov 9, 2011

CAPE CORAL  - "We will be asking for his resignation after new council is sworn in," said Daryl Teblum.

Teblum belongs to the grassroots group called, "Vote Them Out".  They fought hard and successfuly knocking out 2 Cape City Council incumbents.  Now they think they have the 5 votes on Council to remove City Manager Gary King.

"The lack of transparency, he's not giving the whole story when he gives presentations to council we do not beleive he's coming forward with all the documents," said Teblum.

King's contract is up in July of 2012.  He makes 132,500 dollars per year plus incentives.  So what do new members of Council feel about this growing movement to remove King? First we talked with Councilman elect Larry Nesta.

"Would you support a movement to get rid of him before his contract is thru,?" asked Fox 4 Reporter John Rupolo.

"I can't say at this time,' said Nesta.

And Councilman elect John Carioscia was just as vague.

"Do you  think he's done a good job," asked Fox 4 Reporter John Rupolo.

"I think it should be reviewed," said Carioscia.

King today tells me his efforts have saved the city 14 million dollars per year by outsourcing and cost cuting measures.  He says, " I want to be judged on my accomplishments."  King was reviewed by Council in July and received satisfactory marks.  He was granted a 17,000 dollar incentive bonus.  Cape Councilman Kevin McGrail says asking for King's removal is premature.

"I want to hear the reason," said McGrail.