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Naples packed with high concentration of millionaires

Naples packed with high concentration of millionaires

By Andre Senior. CREATED Nov 5, 2011

NAPLES - A new study released today shows that Naples has the highest concentration of millionaires in the country, second only to Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Anyone who has driven through Naples can see the area dripping with cash from the multi-million dollar houses to the hundred thousand dollar cars zipping by on the streets.

According to a new study released by Kiplinger's show the area has 12,000 millionaires spread out over a population of 320,000 people. Many of them are made up of vacationers and wealthy retired people.

Fox 4 getting a tour of a home in the exclusive Port Royal neighborhood of Naples where homes can cost as much as $150,000,000.

"This is asking $6.75 million and just the lot," said Jackie May of Prudential Florida Reality. "It has a new pool, new windows, new doors, new floors, new ceilings, news bathroom, new kitchen everything, it’s been remodeled.

She sells to the ultra rich who pay big money to live in Naples which has great weather and is quite compared to its west coast counterpart, Miami.

Residents live in the lap of luxury when they purchase a home in the Port Royal area. "Boats from one of the private clubs will come and pick you up here for dinner at 6 o'clock, take you to dinner and bring you back," said May.

But once their millionaires have a place to live, they're also looking for a car... and we're not just talking about a vehicle to get them from point A to point B, the millionaires here are looking for the best in automotive. That's where John Harris, General Manager and Co-Owner of Porsche of Naples comes in. Cars on his lot can start at $70,000 dollars and go all the way up to more than $150,000 dollars.

"Here people know the cars more, they appreciate the cars and most of them have been in business and this is something they've always wanted," said Harris, who has worked in the area for the better part of six years. "It's the premiere car for sport and luxury and what else would you want inside your house?"

While Naples banks of those with a second homes and retirees, Los Alamos, NM topped the list with the most millionaire concentration with 885 millionaires per household out of 17,950 households. The reason for the wealth is because the town's biggest employer, Los Alamos Laboratory has high paying jobs like those for chemists, physicists and engineers.

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