Bees take over foreclosed home in Cape Coral

Bees take over foreclosed home in Cape Coral

By Cory O'Donnell. CREATED Nov 4, 2011 - UPDATED: Nov 4, 2011

CAPE CORAL -- One look at a foreclosed home that sits on S.W. 21st Street and Cape Coral and you'd understand why folks in the neighborhood are eager for new neighbors, just not the ones that have recently moved in.

"You can actually hear them buzzing and swarming," says Barbara Imperial who lives next door.

You guessed it:  She's talking about bees.

Imperial says she's been complaining about the beachball size hive on the neighboring home since early October.  She's called the city of Cape Coral and Wells Fargo which is taking over the home, but she says she's not getting anywhere.

"I feel like the city isn't following up so I finally gave up and contacted you guys," she says.

Four In Your Corner got on the phone with the city of Cape Coral to find out why it's not stepping in to get rid of the health hazard.

Turns out the city called Wells Fargo three times since September 29th.  Each time, the city says Wells Fargo promised to get rid of the bees within 2 weeks.  But after not action and our call today the city gave the bank an ultimatum:  24 hours to fix the problem.

"The soonest Wells Fargo could remove the bee hive would be in a couple of days," says Connie Barron with the city. "Since that was not acceptable to us and since they had not taken any action up to this point, we have contacted a bee keeper to go out there and remove the bee hive today," Barron added.

Sure enough, a few hours later, beekeeper Keith Councell was suiting up and smoking the bees out.
He chipped away layer after layer of honeycomb until the problem that's been plaguing a neighborhood for months was officially gone.

Four In Your Corner also contacted Wells Fargo to find out why it didn't step in to fix the problem.

Wells Fargo sent us the following statement:  "Our ability to address these issues on the home on SW 21st St has been limited, as the property has not gone to foreclosure sale and we are not the legal owners. A review of our regular property inspections during the last year indicate the property was occupied, so we could not take measures to secure and maintain it.

Now the property is vacant, our goal is to rectify the neighborhood's concerns as quickly as possible."

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