Powerball's $245 million jackpot has many dreaming in SW Florida

Powerball's $245 million jackpot has many dreaming in SW Florida

By Emily Dishnow. CREATED Nov 2, 2011

CAPE CORAL--Many are piling into their neighborhood store, like the 7/11 on Pine Island Rd in Cape Coral today, for one specific reason

“They know about that Powerball,” says 7-11 employee, Seneca Fosgate, “They want to get it right off the bat.”

The 245 million dollar Powerball jackpot has many of you crossing your fingers for good luck.

“Some people come in and they'll spend like $100 on lottery tickets,” says Seneca.

So what would you do with the winnings?

“I  would buy a home, pay all my children’s homes off, and buy a mobile home and go traveling,” says Phyllis Lakes, before her husband, Ralph chimes in. “I’d give my three children and my five grandchildren a million bucks and then I’d go buy myself a truck,” says Ralph.

“Maybe a new boat would be nice,” says another 7-11 shopper on their way in the door for a ticket.

Houses, boats and cars are at the top of the list for many, but just how many of these items can that amount of money buy?

At roughly 4 million dollars each, you could own 61 gorgeous mansions in Beverly Hills. For those dreaming of boat, how about getting yourself 41,100 foot yachts. And if a Rolls Royce will do, you can have 1,000 of them.

But if you'd like to simply just buy one of each, no problem. At a measly $10,500,000, you'll have plenty left over. While big money allows for big dreams, some of you today saying, it's not all about what you could buy

“I’d retire,” says a 7-11 shopper, “Pay the house off and hang out.”

The potential winner will have the option after taxes, to have the money paid out over 30 years, or take one lump sum of about $146,000,000.