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Candidate for sheriff defends his story

Candidate for sheriff defends his story

By Emily Dishnow. CREATED Oct 18, 2011

FT. MYERS--Lee Bushong says he had a collection of incriminating documents pertaining to his opponent in the upcoming election for sheriff, incumbent Mike Scott.

Lee was alarmed on Saturday night when he says he returned home to find he had been robbed and those documents were gone.  But some of you aren't buying Lee's story.

Carl writing on our Facebook page:  “I think this guy is lying...he may have even staged the whole thing himself. And Matthew says: “Sounds like a scam set up by Lee.”
The incident report, the break in, could this all be a political ploy? We took your comments to Lee today.
“Did you stage this, did you make up the whole burglary,” asks Four in Your Corner Reporter Emily Dishnow.  “No,” says Lee, “I’m not surprised that someone would say that, but I guess what we have to ask here is, what am I going to gain by that?”
Lee says the amount of stress that it has put his family through wouldn't make a staged burglary worth it.

But Michelle is wondering: “Why wouldn't he have turned the documents in already?” We asked Lee this question as well. 
“Why hold on to them,” asks Emily, “Again,” Lee responds, “We were attempting to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.”
And Lee has one parting message for any critics.
“I’m going to provide the facts and the figures to you, and you judge based on those facts and those figures and those documents, and then decide whose telling the truth here,” says Lee.