My Rescued Pet

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  • My sweet baby, Lola honeypops.

  • Booboo spent 2years in a foster home. I saw his pic online and could not stop thinking about him, so we drove to west palm beach and adopted him. We think he is about 10 years old. He was obviously abused before he was found. His teeth in his left side are broken off at the gum line, his tongue is shredded, his left eyelid is slit and his ear is half gone. I can't imagine how anyone could ever hurt such a great dog. Now he is in a home where he is so loved and no one will ever hurt him again! Thanks, Marina Marina Sidells

  • Sent from my mobile. _____________________________________________________________ We adopted Ollie from The Humane Society in January 2014! ☆Tara☆

  • This is Junior,who adopted me back in 2010. He is spoiled and a very happy,loving cat at age 4. My name is Janice Mercier,enjoy!

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