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Faust shooting suspects released from jail

Two suspects facing charges in the murder of a five year old little boy in Fort Myers will be released from custody after a shocking turn of events in court Tuesday.

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Faust shooting suspects released from jail, Fox 4 cameras were rolling.

Fox 4's cameras were rolling as Thomas Edison and Terrance Irons walked out of the Lee County jail after spending 7 months behind bars.

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High Speed Limits Outside Of Lehigh Elementary School Cause Concern Among Parents

Dozens of parents in Lehigh Acres are calling for a change as they claim speeders are putting students' lives at risk around Tortuga Elementary.

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Gunman’s notebook read out loud in Aurora movie theater shooting trial

Prosecutors introduced the movie theater shooting gunman's notebook during the 18th day of his trial, trying to show how James Holmes carefully planned the mass shooting.

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