• 28 minutes ago

Two Lehigh Acres stores robbed Saturday night

A pair of armed robberies over the weekend have shoppers in Lehigh Acres on edge.

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  • 37 minutes ago

Sisters survive two weeks lost in Michigan woods by eating Girl Scout cookies, cheese puffs

Two sisters from Oklahoma and Nebraska said Saturday that they survived in a remote part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula on love for their family, melted snow and the little food they had in their snow-crippled SUV.

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  • 43 minutes ago

Consumer confidence of Floridians dipped in April

Consumer confidence Is dropping after reaching its highest level in ten years.

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Kidney Donor clinic under scrutiny

Lee Memorial Health System has suddenly shut down its living donor kidney transplant program.

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  • 33 minutes ago Video

UFC champion wanted by police for hit-and-run questioning

Authorities have not been able to contact Jon 'Bones' Jones.

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