Twitter's eighth birthday brings #FirstTweets

Twitter's eighth birthday brings #FirstTweets

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Mar 21, 2014

If you are a Twitter user, you probably noticed a lot of people re-posting their very first tweets yesterday with the hashtag #FirstTweet.

If you weren't sure what was going on, today is Twitter's eighth birthday.

Twitter was started in 2006 by three friends -- Jack Dorsey (@Jack), Evan Williams (@EV) and Biz Stone (@Biz). Dorsey's first tweet read: "Just setting up my twtr."

According to USA Today, a total of about 500 million tweets now are sent per day by more than 21 million monthly active users.

Most first tweets are pretty awkward and not very amusing. Not so for former "Star Trek" star and blogger Wil Wheaton.

Unfortunately, we can't all be as cool as Mr. Wheaton. If you need to make yourself feel better, check out this collection of first tweets of 10 tech giants, including Bill Gates and Elon Musk. Most of them look a lot like a normal person's first tweet.

Although Twitter was initially used by most to keep in touch with friends or to share tidbits about their day, it has evolved into so much more. Twitter has changed the media, politics and business. Many people now rely on Twitter for breaking news, sports scores or the death of celebrity.

Others see it as a source for political news and commentary. Twitter has often given its followers a real look at what is going on in troubled countries, and those countries aren't always happy about it. The very recent decision of Turkey to block Twitter is one example.

Businesses have also found that Twitter is a great tool to reach fans by promoting new products or services. Customers have also found that if they have a complaint about a business and voice it on Twitter, they are likely to get a quick response.

Twitter has also become a great way to keep up with favorite singers, movie stars or famous athletes. It is also an easy way for those people to stay in touch with their fans.

If you would like to see your first tweet or the first tweet of your favorite celebrity or your best friend or past boyfriend, go to


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