Ohio man barred from having more children until he pays child support

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Ohio man barred from having more children until he pays child support

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED May 15, 2014

An Ohio man has been barred by the courts from fathering any more children until he pays up for child support owed to the offspring he already has.

The order came from Lorain County Probate Judge James Walther in Janaury 2013, and has since been upheld by a state appeals court in a decision released on Monday.
The man, Asim Taylor, was placed on probation by Judge Walther last year for failing to pay nearly $100,000 in child support for his four children by multiple mothers.
Walther has called the order a “matter of common sense and personal responsibility,” according to The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram.
But Taylor’s attorney, Doug Merrill, has argued that the order violates Taylor’s right to reproduce, the Chronicle-Telegram reports. Merrill plans to ask the Ohio Supreme Court to review the case.
Walther order could be lifted if Taylor shows he’s taking responsibility for supporting his children, according to the paper.
Appeals Court Judge Donna Carr says “the record in the case showed Taylor has a history of failing to make child support payments, showed no remorse and had the ability to work and make the payments to support the children he already has,” the Chronicle-Telegram reports.
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