Man charged with attempted murder after attacking roommate over cookies

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Man charged with attempted murder after attacking roommate over cookies

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Aug 5, 2014

An Illinois man is charged with attempted murder and aggravated domestic battery after being accused of attempting to kill his roommate after she ate cookies for breakfast.

Allen M. Hall allegedly attacked his 49-year-old roommate after she ate three Chips Ahoy cookies early last week. 

"When Hall, 23, threatened to kill his roommate when he discovered she ate the cookies for breakfast, at first she thought he was joking," reports local publication Herald-Review. "But after repeating the threats Hall attacked her, said an affidavit by Decatur patrol officer Joseph Kish."

"Because she [the unidentified victim] didn't take the threat seriously she opened the [bathroom] door and told him: 'If you are going to kill me then go ahead,' the victim later told police," details the Herald-Review.

Allen entered the bathroom at their joint residence, “'grabbed her around the throat with both of his hands and threw her down into the tub, she told police," the Herald-Review explains. “She hit the back of her head on the tub and this caused a knot on her head.”

According to the Herald-Review, "Hall then got on top of her 'and strangled her to the point she could not speak and was having difficulty breathing.'”

Hall claims that the victim had told him to kill her, and so he took necessary action. The roommates' landlady and the victim's husband allegedly stopped Hall from strangling the victim to death.

Hall is being held on $75,000 bond in the Macon County Jail, with an arraignment date set for Thursday. 

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