7-year-old boy raises more than $50K for best friend's surgery


7-year-old boy raises more than $50K for best friend's surgery

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jul 9, 2014

A 7-year-old boy in Canada has proven what it means to be a true friend.

Quinn Callander and Brayden Grozdanich have been BFF's since they were classmates in kindergarten, reports CTV News.

Brayden has cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects movement and muscle tone. Every time the little boy grows, his muscles tighten. That makes even simple activities very painful.

But, there is a surgery that could help alleviate some of that pain and allow Brayden to walk without braces. The surgery, which is available in New Jersey, would cost about $20,000. In addition, money would be needed for travel expenses and ongoing physiotherapy treatments.

The surgery is also available in Canada, but the one in New Jersey is less invasive and has a speedier recovery time.

Brayden's parents were planning on taking out a loan, but then Quinn stepped in. He asked his parents if he could open a lemonade stand to raise money for his buddy.

So, that is what they did. Quinn Callander and his parents hosted a lemonade stand over the weekend. In addition, Quinn's mother helped create an online fundraising campaign and the word got out.

As of Wednesday morning, more than $55,000 has been donated to the Brayden Grozdanich fund.

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