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'The Frog Bride' is Hopping into Wharton this March

Image by Wharton Center Media

'The Frog Bride' is Hopping into Wharton this March

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Feb 28, 2014

David Gonzalez – mastermind behind The Frog Bride, as developed from the
classic Russian tale and poems by Robert Bly – has always said, “When a frog talks, listen.” This charming and delightfully comedic performance follows this idea and chronicles the journey of a Prince destined to marry a frog, touching on the ultimately human emotions of acceptance and understanding. The Frog Bride makes its debut at Wharton Center on Sunday, March 30th, 2014. Tickets are $9, plus applicable fees, and are available online at, at the Auto-Owners Insurance Ticket Office, or by calling 1-800-WHARTON.

David Gonzalez, hailed by Deepak Chopra as a man “who speaks with courageous humanity and brilliant creativity,” pulls the production into a contemporary setting with his inventive updates and creative, technological spins. With his incorporation of composer Prokofiev’s “Five Melodies for Violin and Piano,” Gonzalez comes to create a punk-jazz score that transports the audience to an upbeat yet emotional setting. The kingdom of the The Frog Bride is brought to sparkling life by projections and lights, using moving-images by painter and Guggenheim Museum staple, Wassily Kandinsky, to create a lyrical sense of beauty. All of these incorporations produce a full and diverse world, populated by characters that are completely brought to life by Gonzalez himself.

New York Theater describes The Frog Bride as “a feast of sight, sound, and imagination for any age—truly a theatre experience to enjoy and cherish,” which Gonzalez takes directly to heart. During his journey of adapting the story for the stage, Gonzalez states that one of his “central missions and joys is to marry great music and great myths,’ and he accomplishes this in great strides. As The New York Times puts it – “Mr. Gonzalez works his magic. The Frog Bride is enchanting.”