MSU Making Music, Expanding Minds

Click thru to see photos. This young Spartan fan enjoys a cookie as he awaits his trombone lesson. Image by Kurt Stepntiz

MSU Making Music, Expanding Minds

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Oct 10, 2013

Detroit. The city that gave us Motown is one of many across the nation to see deep cuts to school music programs. But faculty and staff from MSU’s Community Music School-Detroit (CMS-Detroit) are helping ensure that music education and its benefits are not only available, but also accessible, to Detroit residents of all ages, especially youth.

CMS-Detroit’s music education programs don’t just capture students’ imaginations while they’re learning to play music. In fact, the research-based curriculum aims to hard-wire their brains to develop skills that are vital to future success—enhancing quality of life and helping produce citizens whose creativity and versatility could add fuel to Michigan’s economic fire.

That’s music to kids’ ears—and their minds.