MSU Art Changes the World

MSU Art Changes the World

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Sep 9, 2013

For artists, there is perhaps no greater dream than having their work viewed daily by the public. That dream is a reality for alumna and celebrated public artist Anne Marie Karlsen, who believes art can change the world.

Karlsen, who earned a bachelor of fine arts from Michigan State University and is now a professor of art at Santa Monica College, is well known for her public art installation “Kaleidoscope Dreams.” The nearly 4,000-square-foot piece, located in the North Hollywood Red Line Subway Station in Los Angeles, encompasses 14 circular and semicircular ceramic tile wall installations patterned after a kaleidoscope wheel.

“The wide visibility is the greatest attraction for me as a public artist,” says Karlsen, whose work includes nearly 30 commissioned public art installations. “Being readily accessible and seen by thousands of people daily is, quite honestly, exciting. In a museum, my work is only accessible to the limited numbers of people who visit it and is probably viewed by even less. With public art, the numbers of people who see and can interact with my art is incredible.”

A self-described cultural archaeologist, Karlsen says she hopes in an age of mobile devices and text messaging that she can give people in transit something visually engaging to contemplate—if only for a moment.