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'Fresh-Min' for Fresh Faces

'Fresh-Min' for Fresh Faces

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Aug 22, 2013

Incoming freshmen are about to receive their first test: adjusting to a college campus lifestyle.

Luckily for them, MSU is providing a few cinematic study tools to help them prepare.

The Spartan "Fresh-Min” is a series of five one-minute videos designed to provide freshmen with important tips and information on how to make the most of their first semester at MSU.

Football season is just around the corner, though many incoming freshmen aren’t yet familiar with the cheers they will be expected to join in. In the first part of the “Fresh-Min” series, MSU’s spirit coordinator discusses cheering techniques and advice so freshmen know how to properly kick off the season.

MSU provides students with hundreds of dining options. With a dozen cafeterias - each containing unique stations and dishes - freshmen could have a harder time finding the ideal meal than navigating campus. The university’s corporate chef explains how to maximize a meal plan in the second “Fresh-Min” video.

A freshman’s dining options don’t end when he or she exits the dining halls. College students’ lifestyles are often on-the-go. At MSU, their meals can be too. The manager of Sparty’s, a campus convenience store, discusses the uses of a Combo Exchange meal replacement in part three of the "Fresh-Min" series.

Adjusting to university-level academics can be a difficult transition. With tutoring services, MSU engagement centers provide a way to make the switch a smooth one. In the fourth “Fresh-Min” video, a neighborhood engagement director tells of the mental, physical and social benefits of understanding engagement center services.

The fifth and final video in the “Fresh-Min” series, yet to be released, will feature MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon. On Aug. 25, when she partakes in her tradition of helping students move into the residence halls, President Simon will provide her advice on how new Spartans can thrive during their first year on campus.