'Flashdance - The Musical' Brings 80s 'Feeling' to Wharton Center

Image by Jeremy Daniel

'Flashdance - The Musical' Brings 80s 'Feeling' to Wharton Center

By Stefanie Pohl. CREATED Oct 9, 2013

Fans of the 1983 hit film Flashdance can relax - the stage adaptation currently on tour has the moments one would hope for: the heart-pounding dance numbers, the classic songs that helped the film soundtrack to sell millions of copies, the classic water scene, and even that infamous bra removal trick. 

In its 30th anniversary year, the film lives again with Flashdance - The Musical, at the Wharton Center through Sunday, October 13th.

While there are plenty of off-the-shoulder shirts, legwarmers, and scrunchies, don't expect Flashdance to be a cartoonish time capsule of 80s nostalgia. The stage adaptation lets the story of Alex Owens, steel mill worker by day and flashdancer by night, and her passion for dance take center stage.

Jillian Mueller brings spitfire energy to her role as Alex, transitioning from a major singing number to a dance break in the streets of Pittsburgh without losing her breath. She, along with her fellow flashdancers Kiki (Dequina Moore) and Tess (Alison Ewing), shine with their hip-popping attitude and vocal range.

Corey Mach as pretty rich boy Nick Hurley has the quintessential good looks of an 80s movie heartthrob. In "Here and Now," a standout original from the soundtrack, Mach and Mueller invoke the feeling of a classic 80s ballad. 

Many of the original songs don't shine nearly as brightly as the songs that made the film a hit, and thankfully they're all here: "Maniac," "Gloria," "Manhunt," and the Oscar-winning title track.

Although fans of the film and aficionados of pop culture know the ending, which culminates with Alex's audition dance to the hit title song "Flashdance...What a Feeling," the triumphant acceptance to the Shipley Dance Academy still brings chills and memories of Jennifer Beals in her black dance outfit. 

For a night of 80s fun, dance, and laughs, look no further than Flashdance - The Musical, playing at the Wharton Center through October 13th, 2013.


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