Dantonio Accepts Lewan's Apology

Michigan's offensive tackle Taylor Lewan apologizes to MSU's Head Coach Mark Dantonio for his unsportsmanlike conduct.

Dantonio Accepts Lewan's Apology

By Jane Sugiyama. CREATED Nov 5, 2013

The rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State football players and fans alike is always intense.

For the second time in three years, post-play roughness occurred. Last year it was MSU's defensive end Will Gholston, and this year it was Michigan senior offensive tackle Taylor Lewan. Lewan's unsportsmanlike conduct, which could result in suspension, is currently under review by the Big Ten.

Lewan released an apology on Monday, stating that his behavior was "poor and immature." 

Though Michigan's head coach Brady Hoke does not believe that Lewan should be suspended, he made it clear to both Lewan and the Michigan football team that behavior like Lewan's is inappropriate, not only as a team captain but also as a player, and will not be tolerated. Furthermore, Hoke noted that such actions do not represent Michigan well. 

According to reports released today, MSU's Coach Mark Dantonio accepted Lewan's apology. Dantonio recognized that football is a tough game and said that he will not hold a grudge.