15 Worst Mascots of the Tournament

 With 68 teams prepared to win a national championship...we take a look at what really matters - the mascots. We rank them here! Have a favorite, or least favorite? Feel free to let us know! 

  • #15: Georgetown - Bulldog: Woah, woah, woah Georgetown, lets keep this contest "G" rated. They decided to give this guy a hat, but not pants? Throw a jersey on this guy and get back to us. Getty Images

  • #14: Ohio State University - Brutus: Brutus is a Buckeye. As in a nut. As in something that I enjoy in my trail mix, not something I want to represent my football team. The smiling face is a great touch, though.

  • #13: Harvard - Crimson: This is literally the only picture that exists on the internet of the Harvard Crimson, and for good reason. Let's hope they retire this guy for good and stick to cranking out some of the world's brightest minds.

  • #12: Saint Louis University - Billiken: This mascot is renowned for being one of the most confusing in all of college sports. What exactly is a "Billiken" and why does he look like he wants to steal from me?

  • #11: Middle Tennessee State University - Lightning: A blue horse with a lightning bolt does not a mascot make. Although, I respect whoever decided to give this guy a cape. Pretty sweet.

  • #10: Iona College - Killian: This literally might give me nightmares.

  • #9: New Mexico - Lobo: They almost nailed it with this one. Fierce teeth, paws and a great jersey...and a floppy tongue. Maybe I'm looking too far into it, but the tongue just screams "I slobber everywhere" to me. Slobbery court = not good. Basic math, people.

  • #8: Akron - Zippy: Zippy is technically a kangaroo, but I'm wondering who made the connection between "Zips" and "kangaroo". Fun fact: Zippy is one of 11 female mascots in the NCAA.

  • #7: University of Illinois - Chief Illiniwek: This can't be P.C. - right? Illinois has since retired the Chief Illiniwek mascot, but students and fans still see it as an iconic Illini figure.

  • #6: Syracuse University - Orange: You don't really need an explanation for this one, do you? It's an orange. An ORANGE! Fantastic as a juice, not so much as a mascot. Great hat, though.

  • #5: San Diego State University - Monty: Minimal effort required here. Just a guy wearing a crazy outfit.

  • #4: New Mexico State University - Pistol Pete: Again, minimal effort here. All that is required to create this mascot is a person who is willing to throw on some chaps and a fake mustache and take themselves seriously. Kudos to these two guys - thats some school spirit.

  • #3: Wichita State University - WuShock: WuShock has some wild hair and a big nose. At least he(?) has some great eyelashes to make up for it...but we still aren't really sure what it is.

  • #2: Western Kentucky University - Big Red: What is it? Why doesn't it have clothes? Doesn't seem very intimidating to us...

  • #1: Tie - Michigan/Indiana. Have you seen their mascots? Neither have we.