Broad Art Museum Wraps Up "The Gift: Lansing"


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Broad Art Museum Wraps Up "The Gift: Lansing"

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Dec 17, 2012

Sunday wrapped up the final phase of "The Gift: Lansing" at the Broad Art Museum.

The innovative portraiture project was created by German-born conceptual artist Jochen Gerz. He took portraits of more than one thousand community members, forming and ever-changing collection of faces.

We caught up with the museum's curator of contemporary art, who tells us the project was a way to show people are the number one priority for the museum.

"The project is called 'The Gift' because Jochen Gerz's conception is at the end, everyone who sat for a portrait is invited to come back and get a portrait in return that they take home," explained Alison Gass. "And it's got a little inscription on it that says 'On permanent loan from the Broad Art Museum.' So they install it in their house and they have a little bit of the museum with them forever."

Gass says the artist's intent was to break down the traditional divide between viewer and the work of art, by literally making museum visitors and the local community part of the masterpiece.