MSU, Coach Izzo Head to Germany for Season Opener


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MSU, Coach Izzo Head to Germany for Season Opener

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Nov 6, 2012

Tom Izzo is looking forward to once again rubbing elbows with the greatest team in the world, and that's the American military, as the Spartans leave today for Ramstein Air Base in Germany to open their season against UConn in front of 3,000 service men and women.

Who could forget the scene last November in San Diego as the Spartans and North Carolina Tar Heels battled on the USS Carl Vinson.

Tom Izzo says after that trip, it's got him juiced up to go to Germany.

"You know, I am really excited to make this venture. And although it seems like a long way to go to play a game, our experience with the military was so rewarding. Not only for our players and myself, but I think for our university and hopefully for the country. And I hope that these kinds of things just kind of bring you closer to reality, and I am always in for a dose of reality."