MSU Squeaks Out Win against Boise State

MSU Squeaks Out Win against Boise State

By Stefanie Pohl. CREATED Sep 1, 2012

It wasn't pretty, but it's a win - and the Spartans are 1-0 after a 17-13 battle against Boise State.

After a strong start from the Spartans, the Broncos came back and took the lead, 13-10, going into the half. But the Spartan Defense wouldn't allow any more points for the rest of the game.

Le'Veon Bell showed that he will be a real threat on the ground - and in the air, as he vaulted over a defender to gain extra yards on the Spartans' first drive in the game - and had a record day with 210 rushing yards and 55 receiving yards on six catches.

Michigan State had four turnovers after marching the ball down the field, leading to a lopsided box score that showed the Spartans dominated the Broncos on the field but not on the scoreboard.

The Spartans drive halfway through the fourth quarter gave them the lead for the first time since the second, and lifted the thousands of fans who grew frustrated with turnovers and missed opportunities.

Quarterback Andrew Maxwell completed 22/38 for 248 yards, but also had three interceptions - something he and Coach Dantonio hope to fix in future games.

Michigan State will travel to Mount Pleasant to play Central Michigan next week.