With Video: Thousands Move In As Michigan State Welcomes Record-Setting Class


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With Video: Thousands Move In As Michigan State Welcomes Record-Setting Class

By Fox 47 News. CREATED Aug 26, 2012 - UPDATED: Aug 27, 2012

As thousands moved into their dorms at Michigan State University, Sunday, the school braced itself for what administrators are calling the largest freshmen class in MSU history.

According to university President, Dr. Lou Anna K. Simon, it all began when the school received a record number of applications.

"You try to admit students recognizing that a lot of the students you admit out of that record number of applications will not come," said Simon. "It turns out that all of those negative factors that you would expect to hold down yield didn't occur for us."

However, there has also been speculation that admitting more students could help the university solve budget issues. President Simon says that is not the case.

"Our budget was based on the projected number of freshmen and was set a year in advance," said Simon. "It's just six or seven hundred more people than we planned."

The extra 700 people attending than usual has forced the university to come up with creative ways to house them, including lowering the number single-person dorms and assigning temporary roommates to Resident Advisers and Cultural Aides.

"Every year, we average close to 400 no-shows," said Dr. Kathy Collins, Director of Residence Education and Housing Services. "Some students are assigned in a transitionally housed situation, but we will be able to move them out very quickly."

Dr. Collins also says some students were even given their permanent housing assignments when they checked in on Sunday.