Police Preparing for Return of MSU Students

Police Preparing for Return of MSU Students

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Aug 25, 2012

Michigan State University students are trickling back to campus, bringing along another record breaking sized freshman class.

The downtown strip can hardly wait: "We're very happy they're coming back. It pays the bills, said Owner of Georgio's Pizza Vackis Nicolaou.

It's not just the businesses excited to have the students back, but the students themselves, and when they're out celebrating, police will be making sure they stay safe.

With some help from Michigan State Police, about 50 police total will be patrolling East Lansing each night until Wednesday when classes start. Compare that to the six on average usually on watch each summer evening.

"Part of it is to have that police presence, which I think when people are out and about, they always have that thought that there could be an officer right around the corner," said Captain Bill Mitchell of the East Lansing Police Department.

But this could be the mildest back to school he's ever seen; so far only making five arrests on Thursday night, a drop from about 50 a night last welcome week: "We have had less problems the last couple of years."

MSU Police Sargent Florene McGlothian-Taylor says there will be fewer problems with students partying on campus than in the City, but still, eight more officers than usual will be working Saturday and Sunday.

"We will have additional officers during the weekend, and we will also have officers assisting with the move-in," she said.

Also predicting this could be the safest start to the school year yet.