MSU Campus Work To Affect Hot Water


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MSU Campus Work To Affect Hot Water

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Aug 10, 2012

Sophomore Amy Guza is one of the very few Michigan State University students who are living in the Brody dorms for the summer, but that will soon change when everyone else returns a few days before labor day, then leave again for one last weekend away.

"I know I won't be going home, and I feel like a lot of people stay," said Guza. But now she knows about steam system repairs happening on Labor day that will cause her to not have hot water, making her think twice: "Why are they doing it when the students are here?"

"This is the best opportunity we have to make this repair," explained MSU Residential Hospitality Services Tony Frewen. He says Labor Day Weekend was chosen because there won't be many people in the dorms, or over at the Kellogg Center across the street, where hot water will also be lost. Frewen only expects 10% of the rooms to be filled that night.

"Our intent is to interrupt steam very temporarily, very briefly, from 1 p.m. on Sunday September 2, and to be operational again on or before 5 a.m. the next day."

According to him, the repairs have already been put off long enough: "If there were a failure in the future, it would be a 5-10 day shutdown."

But Guza still can't help but feel the university is choosing a weekend they think will be most convenient, over what actually works best for the students: "Do it next week or the week after. Sometime before school starts."

Frewen says the guests at the Kellogg Center will not be getting a discount or any extra accommodations for this night, but will be told about the water situation when they check in.