MSU Construction on Schedule


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MSU Construction on Schedule

By Fox 47 News. CREATED Jul 22, 2012

Michigan State University Grad Shawn Rosema know how to get around campus possibly better than most students, but even he is getting thrown off by all this summer's detours due to the West Circle Steam Loop Construction.

"If you don't know that basic route, then you have to take all these detours, now it's frustrating that it's going to take like ten minutes to get to a destination," said Rosema.

Even though the construction all looks like just a big mess to Rosema, University officials are happy with what they see, because it shows everything is on schedule.

Already, they are in phase three out of the four phase project. They still plan on having many of the streets including the Abbott exit by the Union, reopening by the time classes start. As for the rest of the orange barrels and warnings, they'll be gone by December.

Rosema understands it's a project that needs to be done, but wishes he could have more frequent updates: "put something on the website, or put something on Facebook."

That way, he won't be surprised by any more road blocks the next time he's on campus.