Tigers Fans Bring Excitement, Collectors Items for ALCS

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Tigers Fans Bring Excitement, Collectors Items for ALCS

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Oct 16, 2013

From the sights to the sounds, it was obvious, Tuesday morning, that game day had arrived in Detroit. For friends Jacob Snover, Jay Gerow and Glenn Freeman, all of Lansing, that meant making the 1.5 hour drive early.

"[We] wouldn't be anywhere else. We finally get the chance to come down here and experience another ALCS and a couple games away we've got seven to go," said Gerow.

That may be how many wins the Tigers need to take it all, but for New Hampshire native Kathy Blaine the number seven takes a more personal meaning, considering Detroit's opponent.

"I've always grown up being a Red Sox fan and I moved here seven years ago and the tables have since turned because everyone in this area is a die-hard Tigers fan," said Blaine.

But if you're looking for a die-hard, look no further than Stanley Maul and his giant bat. It holds signatures from the World Series teams of 1968, 1984 and 2012, among others.

"I'm trying to get as many Tigers as I can on it and then it's kind of like a good luck charm," said Blaine. "I was down here for each of the series last year."

The fans say the real good luck comes from inside the gates of Comerica Park...

"You get 44,000 people strong in here and we're all here for the same cause and that's to win games," said Gerow.


Despite a 1-0 loss in Game 3, Detroit fans are gearing up for Game 4 in Comerica Park with the same level of enthusiasm. The Tigers are looking to tie the series 2-2 tonight. 

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