Macy Kate to Perform at Silver Bells

Macy Kate has gone viral on YouTube for her singing and now she is coming to perform live in Lansing at the 29th annual Silver Bells festival.

Macy Kate to Perform at Silver Bells

By FOX 47 News . CREATED Nov 21, 2013

This girl has gone viral for her singing and now she is coming to Lansing to perform live at the 29th annual Silver Bells in the City festival. At only fifteen-years-old, there is nothing holding this artist back from making her dreams a reality. You may recognize her from singing the national anthem for the NFL, you may have seen her on NBC's DAYTIME television show or even have her favorited on your YouTube channel--Macy Kate is a rock-star.

Before she rocks the stage in Lansing, we had the chance to speak with her about her journey as an artist, and her hopes and dreams. Plus, you won't want to miss learning about some of Macy Kate's favorites and what she is asking Santa for this holiday season. 

Jane Sugiyama: Talk about your career from the beginning stages. What ultimately led you to pursue singing and wanting to be a recording artist? 

Macy Kate: I started singing at a young age, but I didn't take it seriously at first because I was not sure what I wanted to do for a career yet. When I was thirteen, I started auditioning for reality shows--X-Factor, America's Got Talent and The Voice--and I got a call back from the X-Factor. I made it to the third round, but was unfortunately eliminated. Overall, it was just a really great experience and it taught me a lot. After talking with some of the judges from the show, they gave me really positive feedback, and I decided that I would just go for it. Then, I met my manager Chris Borchetta. He has just been amazing with booking me for things and helping me meet the right people. 

I travel and do a lot of songwriting, but I enjoy it. I am a huge YouTuber and connecting with my fans. 

JS: Did you always know that singing was what you were meant for or did you have other dreams growing up? 

Macy Kate: When I was five-years-old, I became a really competitive swimmer. Around twelve or thirteen, I was about one second off my Olympic trial time. When I auditioned for X-Factor, I had to choose between singing or swimming. I knew that singing was where my heart was and that that was what I was passionate about. 

JS: Who is your role model(s)? 

MK: My sound is a blend of Christina Aguilera, Jessie J and Ellie Goulding. Those three are my inspirations that I have always looked up to. But, it is Christina that stands out the most because I loved her ever since I was really little. 

JS: What do you enjoy most about your job and what you get to do everyday? 

MK: Connecting with my fans. Getting to know that there are people listening to my music, and being able to connect with them via YouTube. Twitter and Instagram also allow me to interact with my fans.

JS: Do you have a favorite career moment? 

MK: The meet and greets after my shows are the best. Usually at every show, there is at least one fan that makes me something special like a bracelet or a poster. Little things like that mean the world to me because someone put a lot of thought into it. 

JS: You are on the road a lot, so I am sure plenty of favorites that you have to always have with you. What is your must-have food and drink while on tour? 

MK: I am a big fan of omelets. I know that may sound odd (she laughs), but I love them. Breakfast is something that I can't live without. (JS: What do you like to put in them?) Cheese--I got to have that in my omelets. I also like to toss in veggies and either sausage or ham. Also, I know this may sound weird, but I like to pair my omelets with ketchup on the side to give it flavor. As far as a drink goes, hot tea is pretty much all I drink for my vocal chords. 

JS: Favorite TV show. 

MK: Oh my goodness, yes. I am obsessed with "Pretty Little Liars." 

JS: What traditions do you have before going on stage? 

MK: My band and I like to run thru everything when we arrive at a venue because we are perfectionists when it comes to stage plotting. We also have a secret handshake that we do right before we go on, which helps us get all of our nerves out. 

JS: I am sure all your fans want to know, what are you asking Santa for this year? 

MK: I really would like an iPad because I usually write my songs on my phone, but the screen is so long and it drains the battery. So yeah, the iPad would be awesome. 

JS: Tell us what we can expect from Macy Kate in the future? 

MK: I am just starting to work with a fellow YouTuber, Kurt Schneider, and we are thinking about doing a tour in Asia in the next couple of months. Expect tours, new music videos and an EP coming out. 

See Macy Kate and her band live on the Capitol stage in Lansing at Silver Bells in the City on Friday, November 22nd. This a performance you won't want to miss! 

You can also check out Macy Kate by visiting her website here or listening to her channel on YouTube here