IM5 Comes to Lansing for 29th Annual Silver Bells Festival

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IM5 Comes to Lansing for 29th Annual Silver Bells Festival

By Jane Sugiyama. CREATED Nov 18, 2013

Not just your ordinary boy band--this quintet is quickly making waves as the world's next generation of talent. IM5 boasts a unique style that fuses together pop melodies, vocal harmonies and dance routines. Audiences have already fallen in love with the five band members--Cole Pendery, Dalton Rapattoni, Dana Vaughns, Gabe Morales and Will Jay--and now Lansing has the chance to see them perform live at the 29th annual Silver Bells Festival on November 22nd. 

Founded by "American Idol" creator Simon Fuller, media icon Perez Hilton and tour director Jaimie King, IM5 was discovered on a national talent search which began in 2011. Before they make their appearance in Lansing, we had a chance to speak with the band about their journey from the beginning. 

Jane Sugiyama: Talk about the national talent search in 2011. 

Cole Pendery: It was a long audition process. Some of us knew eachother before the end of the auditions, but we officially met and came together as a band when we convened for vocal and dance bootcamp. 

JS: What has the journey been like for you all as a band?

Will Jay: It has been a long journey from the very beginning of auditioning to finally coming together as a band. Like all journeys, there have been ups and downs, but overall it has been awesome. Being together with these four guys, it has been the best time of my life. 

Gabe Morales: The journey has been amazing and we have been working so hard. Not only do we enjoy what we do, but we really love it. We aren't just a band, we are more like brothers working together and having fun. We try to keep eachother grounded and alive in the battlefield of the music industry. 

JS: You have been working on releasing a debut album, but have many singles out in the market. How does the song writing process work for you as a band? 

Gabe: Each producer that we work with has different ideas for what they want to produce and where they want to take a song. We also do some co-writing with people--where they bring their ideas, we bring our ideas, and we mix them together. Really it is just a melting pot of thoughts, but ultimately we have the final say in what we think is best for our career. 

JS: What genre would you place your music into? 

Dalton Rapattoni: It is pop, but with an edge. We try to think outside the box and be more rhythmic. We want to appeal to anyone and everyone who loves listening to music. 

JS: Who were your rolemodels growing up that inspired and fueled your aspirations to be an artist? 

Cole: Justin Timberlake--watching him go from N'SYNC to a solo career to an actor has been amazing to witness. He has been and is a huge inspiration to me. 

Gabe: Chris Brown. 

Will: Bruno Mars--he started out as a writer and producer and became a singer, which is what I want to do because I enjoy everything that goes into being an artist. 

Dana: Michael Jackson, Usher and 2 Chainz--they have taught me to really embrace being myself and to 'go big, or go home.' 

Dalton: The lead singer of a band called "Blue October" because he has been through some of the same experiences as me. 

JS: Being on tour or on the road a lot can be tiring, so you must have some favorite items that you can't live without that keep you going. What is your must-have food or drink while you are traveling? 

Dalton: Monster energy drink--don't tell my mom. She would probably yell at me if she knew. 

Cole: I'm not partial to many drinks, but being a singer we need lots of water. I do enjoy Cherry Coke quite a bit and hot cocoa in the colder months. 

Gabe: Fruit punch--as a singer you need lots of energy and sugar to stay energized. Filet mignon would have to be my favorite food. 

Will: I love food. I don't have a must-have food because if you put it in front of me, chances are I will probably eat it. And with the fall weather, my favorite drink would have to be the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. 

Dana: Tea, water and 2 Chainz (he laughs). 

JS: Do you have a tradition that you do before you go out and perform on stage? 

Dana: We always pray. I (Dana) usually say the prayer. Gabe sings the chorus of "Go." Cole ties his shoes. Dalton runs to the bathroom. Will goes M.I.A. 

JS: What is the best part of performing? 

Cole: Seeing the crowd's reaction. If they are super hyped, I'm super hyped and I know it will be a good night. 

JS: Tell me your most memorable career moment. 

Cole: When we had the chance to perform on stage with the Backstreet Boys singing "I Want It That Way." In Los Angeles, there is a place in Universal called "City Walk," we packed the entire place out. Thousands of people came out to see us, it was an amazing feeling. 

Catch IM5 at Lansing's Silver Bells Festival on Friday, November 22nd.