Update: Wild Cat Roaming City of Detroit Found Dead

Update: Wild Cat Roaming City of Detroit Found Dead

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Aug 26, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 27, 2013

Reports out of Detroit are saying the giant cat that has been roaming the city for days was found shot dead in a trash can Monday evening. A neighbor near the area where it was found shot the 25 pound Savannah cat, according to Laura Wilhelm-Bruzek, founder of a feral cat rescue group that had been searching for the animal.


Efforts are underway to trap a big cat that's terrorizing residents in northeast Detroit. The super-size cat has been roaming the streets for weeks. Residents say they tried calling Detroit police and animal control but got no where before turning to the media. 

The Michigan Humane Society said Friday it's going to try to find the cat. Traps were set out overnight Sunday, but so far are still empty. Residents say in recent days the feline has hissed at them, and they say they are worried that if it runs out of rabbits or other small critters to eat, it might target small children.

A cat rescue group says the cat looks like an exotic breed of cat known as a "Savannah."