Spring Home Tips From FOX 47 and Menards


Spring Home Tips From FOX 47 and Menards

By Jane Sugiyama. CREATED Mar 6, 2014

As we try to put the cold weather and snow behind us, and look to prepare for the upcoming spring months, there are several questions homeowners have about being prepared.

When it comes to the new spring season, everything has to melt before the trees and flowers can begin to bloom. A big question this season: how can I prepare in the event of spring flooding? 

As homeowners wait in anticipation for  the trees and flowers to bloom, they may already be imagining how they want to plant their garden and what types of items they want to use. 

Andrew Ward of Menards Lansing West location walked us through these topics and more, giving tips for all homeowners considering these types of questions.

Andrew tells us that this year flooding is inevitable given all the snow that we have had. It is important to consider your options. Purchasing a leak alert system, so you can control a flooding situation before it becomes a crisis, as well as a second sump pump. 

Although it may not seem like it, Andrew tells us it's never too soon to start planning your spring garden. First, start with a journal. Sketch out the space you have to work with, and what you want your garden to look like. 

From planters to pots to soil to seeds, Menards has everything you need for creating your ideal garden. 

Get all of Andrew's tips in our video, filmed at Menards.

We hope you have a happy spring season!