Meat Prices Skyrocket Ahead of Summer Months

Meat Prices Skyrocket Ahead of Summer Months

By FOX 47 News. CREATED May 19, 2014

Steaks...pork chops....brats.

You can get it all at Mert's Specialty Meats in Meridian Township, but it'll cost you this year, especially if you're buying anything that comes from a pig. That's fine for some customers, but the same can't be said for others.

"I've definitely heard some remarks about the pork pricing and people's discontent, but I think it's pretty much the same everywhere," said Brandon Decker, Owner of Mert's Specialty Meats.

Thanks to a virus that's killed millions of piglets, Decker is paying quite a bit more to keep his store fully stocked.

"The pork has just skyrocketed right now," he said. "Talking 25 to 50 percent increases."

Decker's been force to pass a big chunk of that onto his customers. Beef prices have also gone up and are now at a six-year high, following years of drought.

Restaurants are fighting to keep up.

"Over the last year, we've seen anywhere from ten to 30 percent increases in things like ground sirloin that we use for our hamburgers, high-end cut steaks," said Stuart Vanis, Co-Owner of Coral Gables in Meridian Township.

In response, the numbers on the menus at Coral Gables have to go up. Vanis says it's necessary to maintain a quality product and that's what the restaurant is telling its customers.

"We do try to explain to them what's going on," he said. "We try to keep it modest and we never raise as much as the market goes up."

That honesty, plus quality, is what keeps people coming in.