Lansing Schools See Growth in Michigan Merit Exam Scores

The results are in, and Lansing Schools are improving. Click on the arrows to see additional photos.

Lansing Schools See Growth in Michigan Merit Exam Scores

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Jul 8, 2014

The numbers are in and it's progress in the Lansing School District.

The district showed improvement in three out of five subjects on the Michigan Merit Exam: reading, writing and social studies. The test is given to 11th graders across the state to test preparation for college or technical school. Overall, 36 percent of Lansing students tested proficient in reading, up five percent from 2013. Writing went up about 2.5 percent and social studies about four percent. On the other hand, science had a slight increase to 7.4 percent and math actually decreased to 4.8 percent.

But the overall growth is good news to Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul. The next step is getting all subjects in the right direction by putting more of a focus on math and developing pacing guides for the curriculum.

"We take the curriculum and we pace it over the year. We'll know every nine weeks what our students should know and be able to do," said Caamal Canul.

Broken down into schools, growth at Sexton and Everett High Schools is similar to the district trend, but efforts to improve scores at Eastern have fallen flat. School proficiency rates dropped in math, science and social studies. Not good for a building pegged by some as a prime candidate for state takeover, should the Education Achievement Authority expand.

"We're not going to wait for that. We've decided that we need to sit back and develop a different model of governance for that school," said Caamal Canul.

However, this time, the good outweighs the bad overall.

"There are a few pockets we need to work on, but when I see growth in an overall district way, I feel very positive about it. I really do," said the Superintendent.

Overall, statewide scores for the MME increased short and long-term across the state. The growth was the biggest in social studies and reading, both increasing around five percent. In Michigan, students test the worst in math and science, which are around 28 percent proficient. Reading was the highest around 58 percent. The goal is to have all subjects at 85 percent proficiency by 2022.

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