International Students Arrive at MSU

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International Students Arrive at MSU

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Aug 19, 2014

International students are pouring into Michigan State University.

The Office for International Students and Scholars opened its doors Monday.

Official enrollment numbers are not yet available, but MSU thinks the total will be right around where it was last year. Nearly 1,300 incoming freshmen and 400 graduate students enrolled at MSU last year.

The International Academic Orientation program is just the beginning for these new students.

"There's academic advising, there's government check-in, there are information sessions for how to be successful in this environment," said Director Peter Briggs. "There are so many different things they need to take care of and to learn. They're not going to learn it all in one day, but they're going to make a couple friends and know where to go for help later."

Briggs says it's in MSU's DNA to make sure these international students succeed in their surroundings.