House Passes Bill Moving Lawsuits Against State to Appeals Court

Democrats claim Republicans are "packing" the court for political gain.

House Passes Bill Moving Lawsuits Against State to Appeals Court

By FOX 47 News . CREATED Nov 7, 2013

A bill moving all lawsuits against the state out of Ingham County's court system is likely to become law soon.

It passed the State House Wednesday, a few days after moving through the Senate along party lines. Once the governor signs it those cases will be heard by a four-judge panel from the State Court of Appeals. The judges will be chosen by the Republican-controlled State Supreme Court. Governor Snyder supports the change and told FOX 47 News it's not about politics.

"Many pieces of legislation I've signed as Governor have political implications but I stick to my normal mantra of I just try to do the right thing and politics are politics. This is another case of I believe this is the right thing because it allows again, an opportunity for judges across the state to hear cases that involve the entire state of Michigan."

The judges who currently hear lawsuits against the state are chosen by Ingham County voters and are usually left-leaning. They've overturned several laws passed by the Republican legislature. Many of those decisions were later overturned by the Appeals or Supreme Court. The bill will be given immediate effect once it's signed by the governor.