HopCat Bar Hosts Employee Appreciation Day

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HopCat Bar Hosts Employee Appreciation Day

By FOX 47 News . CREATED Nov 7, 2013

Employee appreciation day is in March, but the HopCat Bar and Restaurant in East Lansing wants its employees to know they are appreciated year-round. So they've decided to do a special employee appreciation day this month.

100% of food sales on employee appreciation day are given to the kitchen staff. Appreciation day is this coming Monday.

On that day, HopCat won't take home a cent from any food that is sold. All of it will go to its employees. the kitchen staff will come on that day, work for just a couple of hours, and walk away with hundreds of dollars in their pockets.

The goal of the day's event is to boost morale and show the kitchen staff that they're appreciated. They say the kitchen staff helps set HopCat apart from other bars.